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Welcome to our store for aspiring student entrepreneurs! We believe that entrepreneurship skills are valuable to students of all ages. Shop our student creations to show your support.

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Entrepreneurship: More than a Tank of Sharks
Entrepreneurship skills are valuable to students of all ages. Beyond learning basic business and financial concepts, students gain important “soft skills” that are critical whether they become entrepreneurs or not: how to collaborate in teams, solve real world problems, think creatively, respond well to setbacks and communicate clearly.

Our students identify a real world problem and propose solutions that recycle or repurpose existing materials to meet a need. The overall team experience and applied approach to learning make it fun for students to build 21st century skills. Learn more about this nationally recognized entrepreneurship program for schools at incubatoredu.org.

School: Saddleback Valley – Unified School District
Age Group: 7th and 8th graders


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